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Axiom Discs Simon Line Electron Pixel

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Introducing the latest addition to the Simon Line, the Axiom Electron Pixel Firm Disc Golf Putt & Approach disc! With flight numbers of 2 | 4 | 0 | 0.5, the Pixel boasts a deep profile and a small micro bead, ensuring a solid grip for every throw. This disc is the epitome of versatility, excelling both off the tee and on the putting green.

When it comes to drives, the Pixel flies straight and stable, effortlessly holding any line you throw it on. Its minimal fade back ensures consistent performance, while its surprising distance capabilities make it a force to be reckoned with, especially in favorable wind conditions. But don't just take its low speed at face value – the Pixel packs a punch!

On the green, whether you're facing a C1 or C2 putt, the Pixel shines with its perfect balance of glide, effortlessly guiding your disc right into the chains. Plus, with the introduction of a new blend of Electron Plastic, featuring increased grip and tackiness, along with a softer Soft blend, the Pixel promises a next-level playing experience.

Crafted as the putter of choice for 7x Disc Golf Pro Tour winner Simon Lizotte, the Electron Pixel is the culmination of years of expertise from MVP and Simon himself. But its utility doesn't stop at putting – the Pixel is equally adept at neutral flying off the tee or for approaches. Simply pick your target and let the Pixel do the rest, whether you're putting, driving, or approaching. Elevate your game today with the Electron Pixel – the ultimate all-rounder in disc golf!

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